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Valco Group SA (Pty) Ltd


Cape Town

Damien Blondes
Calibration services, Chemicals, Engineering, Chemical, Engineering, Power, Mining

The Valco Group with its solid foundations in France and its ever expanding worldwide branches is a well known leader in the valves industry. With our far reaching influence, we have not only infiltrated the global valve market, we also make a difference locally in our communities.

Established in January 2015 in Cape Town, Valco Group SA is the South African division of the French Valco Group that has been the leader in the valves industry since 1949.

Valco Group SA is your partner for valves supply and valve maintenance all across South Africa.

We offer an extensive range of high quality technical products. Our commitment to quality through our products provides more than just specific valve or maintenance support. R&D on valves, extensive comprehension of customer technical requirements, quality and dedication to delivery are the strengths of our company.