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Seabox Lines Pty Ltd



Liza Kirby
Consultant, Logistics, Project Management, Road transport, Steel

Seabox Lines (Pty) Ltd and its affiliate company Mozambique Logistics and Project Partners LDA (MLPP), have been formed to participate in the alluring project opportunities both in Mozambique and Southern Africa. Our shareholders are well-established with a wealth of experience operating both in Africa and worldwide for numerous years. Our divisions serving the Logistics, Commercial representation and Sourcing requirements use their collectively gathered experience of +140 years, combined with the relevant IT systems, to provide successful and cost-effective solutions to those who wish to move, sell or source. Language, laws and potential barriers are fully understood by our Mozambican associate to ensure reduced stress for our principals. MLPP has a strong physical presence in all major centres. The more challenging the project the better, although for sanity, we enjoy your daily routine essentials in order to meet your needs.