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PRDW Africa (Pty) Ltd

+27 21 418 3830

Cape Town

Richard Wegener
Consultant, Dredging, Engineering, Ports, Port, Quantity Surveyor

PRDW is an international group of consulting engineers practising exclusively in the specialist areas of port and coastal engineering.
PRDW provides a team of professional registered engineers in the civil, coastal, hydraulic, structural and geotechnical engineering disciplines. We provide specialist expertise in marine structures; mechanical engineers skilled in materials handling; engineers and scientists versed in oceanography, wave conditions, coastal processes, physical and numerical modelling; a master mariner providing navigation skills, port planning; quantity surveyors experienced in contracts, specifications and cost estimates and marine construction managers specialized in marine and harbour construction.
PRDW has offices in South Africa, Chile, Australia, USA, Brazil, Panama and Mozambique.