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Centurion, Gauteng, RSA

Ian McKechnie
Consultant, Engineering, Consulting, Management consulting, Property Development, Renewable energy

Strategic advisors, developers, and ‘troubleshooters & fixers’ – enabling project & engineering success. Nationally, internationally, worldwide.

Our key differentiating value proposition at Engenamic lies in the unique combination and application, particularly to ‘complex’ environments, applications and situations, of our broad-based ‘know-how’ and our particular complementary combination of engineering, management and project advisory, ‘troubleshooting & fixing’, and support competencies and services. ‘Troubleshooting & fixing’ include forensic, dispute-related and remedial advisory services.

Geared to provide our services in the ‘virtual space’ (and the ‘physical space’), we leverage technology and bridge physical, country and time-zone barriers for successful engagement!