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Eduardo Construction (Pty) Ltd

013 656 5673

Mpumalanga and Gauteng

Matt Sims
EPC Contractor, Mining machinery & equipment, Power generation, Project Management, Training

Eduardo Construction is involved in fabrication, erection and refurbishment of mechanical plant and equipment, structural steel and piping systems. Supported by the provision of specialist skills and flexible employment services.
Support services include SHEQ, Quality Control and Rigging, including affiliates such as EBS and EDFin.
EBS is an artisan and technical training company providing training and skill development services. Providing training in Welding, Boiler Making, Pipe Fitting, Rigging and Technical skill upgrades.
EDFin focuses on the development and supply of competent, qualified and experienced professionals such as Project Managers, Site Managers, Supervisors, Quality Control Inspectors, Heat Treatment Technicians and Safety Officers/Managers.