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Babcock International Group

072 483 7740, 011 601 1000

01 Osborne Lane, Bedfordview, Johannesburg, South Africa

Thaveshen Moodley
Engineering, Power, EPC Contractor, Mining machinery & equipment, Power generation, Renewable energy

Manufacturing, repair, maintenance, balance of plant and design engineering for steam generation plants. PLANT SERVICES
Hiring of mobile cranes, construction equipment, mechanical plant and abnormal transport. CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT
Sales, maintenance, repair, overhaul and aftermarket support for construction, mining and lifting equipment. COMMERCIAL GENERATORS & ADDITIONAL PRODUCTS
Design, manufacture, assembly and aftermarket support of generators. WELDING
Welding equipment for the automotive, fabrication, pipeline, shipbuilding and structural industries. TRANSPORT SOLUTIONS
Finance, sales, maintenance, repair and aftermarket support of DAF Trucks